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Old 25-04-2013, 06:33 PM   #31
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Congratulations to all the winners! It was fun.
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Grats to the winners .
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Thanks to both of you for your entries, in was a close fight.
Come and join the fight against The Infinite Sadness.
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Old 26-04-2013, 06:40 AM   #34
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Congrats guys!
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Old 29-04-2013, 10:18 AM   #35
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Congratulations everyone!

Really great stuff and I've learned a lot from this event.
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Old 01-05-2013, 02:42 AM   #36
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I know this is a rather late message, but I too would like to congratulate the winners: Nirth, Aspiring_artists, Carvuliero, Klayone and especially dombyto for coming first. Well done, each of you're works are impressive and inspiring to look at. You are all deserved winners.

And like Crisman, I also learnt quite a deal from this competition.

Thanks also to game-artist and double happy for setting up this competition. I look forward to participating in the next one.
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Old 07-05-2013, 11:13 PM   #37
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Top Five Feedback

Hi folks. We have collated the feedback on the top five entries from our judges Martin Punchev, Josh Herman, Chris Kautz and The Double Happy Team. We have tried to include pros and cons for all of the designs, as we feel it is important to show that even though these were the winners, there were still aspects of all designs that we thought could be tweaked to make them even better. We haven't neatly edited the feedback into one coherent response but have instead kept the judges' thoughts separate, so you can see that there were some differing opinions along the way. This way you will get a broad feel for the judges' feelings, while also getting some choice nuggets of detailed feedback.

As always, we are sure that not everybody will agree with every piece of feedback that is here, positive and negative...but we have attempted to give meaningful feedback as to what really stood out to us. As judges we didn't necessarily agree on everything ourselves, however we are confident that the winners below did a great job of addressing the brief, while still pushing the boundaries and adding their own spin on things.

Enjoy reading through the feedback, we are sure that there are some useful tips in there for everyone who took part in the challenge and also for those who lurked around in the shadows watching the entries roll in.

We will be posting short feedback on every entry over the next few days and will update the thread once we are done. As we said, this was a close contest, and some entries only barely missed out on a place, so we would like to ensure that everyone gets some sort of feedback from the team.

Once again, we would like to thank our fellow judges for their help in adjudicating a very close competition and the Game Artist Community for having us as guests


This design (along with the supporting designs in the WIP thread) are at the top of our list. The overall design feels solid and brutal and seems to fit the brief well.
The other thing we like about this one is the fact that it fits really well with the style of the existing concept art and Martin's Oolark design. The aesthetic here has some strong visual narrative, the design has a build that is equivalent to a steam technology forged with plate and bar, without the adornment or finesse of steampunk. The design has many elements similar to a war machine/tank that promotes the concept of the Oolark arriving in a 'shock and awe' style attack with total disregard of both the swamp denizens and their environment. As with most designs the feel of Oolark riding on the vehicle as opposed to in it has a roo/deer shooter style feel which is appropriate. The detachable cages mean that this machine can carry as many Shyala as it needs to in any given raid.

I give this one my nod because it shows off the aggressiveness that I think these hunters would have. It looks like a force to be reckoned with.
Though, because it's giving off that vibe I think it's suffering in some other areas conceptually. The driver and the spotter are a bit cramped and it looks like the spotter might be shining a light into the drivers head if he's pointing at the front. The hunters aren't in a great position to get shots unless it's on the side of the vehicle. Some slight proportion changes could help alleviate these issues.
This thing looks like if makes a TON of noise, I think the animals would all run away before you could get a spot light on them. However this is not necessarily an issue as the Oolark also like to dominate their prey as much as possible and their hunters are incredibly skillful.

Very solid silhouette with great sense of weight in it. Could be pushed a bit further though, to emphasis it even more. Reminds me of “metal slug” in some way, very cool ! Scale and shape language fits the description, it looks brutal and capable of chasing , also fast and maneuverable. However using a few more sharp and pointy shapes instead of rounder wouldn't hurt and could make the vehicle look even more brutal.
The spotlight is exaggerated and prominent and could easily serve as a nice focal point for the whole design – sort of the “eye” of the vehicle.
Idea about damaging the different parts of the vehicle by destroying their corresponding Glitzer bug slots is superb and could give a lot of opportunities in the hands of the game design and animation teams:
- what if the player destroys the “eye” first ?
- destroys the engine ?
- destroys a part that will let free the captured Shyala ?
And lastly the idea about possible “stealth” mode when all the Glitzer bug powered ports and lights are covered by protector caps is great. Imagine how cool it will look when the machine floats silently through the swamp and suddenly all red lights turn on and the powerful engine roars loudly – birds and fauna will run away scared to death.
All those little details and lights everywhere on the vehicle will make it less readable. A good value read to guide the eye will improve the designs.
Not too much room for animations. Design looks a bit static, other than moving forward, backwards, steering and releasing smoke through the exhaust pipes, there aren't many other functional animations that could make it even cooler.
The front and side views are a bit too even/symmetrical , makes you wonder which is the leading part of the vehicle when looking from a distance.

Definitely my first choice pick, love the way you presented your work in the WIP thread, although It wouldn’t hurt if you had offered more variations of the silhouette to choose from, or at least considered experimenting and trying different thumbnails for yourself in the beginning of the process (which you may well have done outside the forum).
Other than that I think your design fits well the description and is a good match to the already established Oolark character designs.

The design is good an’ junky. One of the most difficult feats to perform is coming up with a concept that is visually interesting without becoming confusing to look at. The texture treatment of this juggernaut is fittingly depressing complete with diagonal lines for optical movement. Perhaps the only improvement could be adding to the visual impression of the capacity for speed. This is an impressive design and great execution.


This was our favorite 'flying' vehicle. It is highly detailed and feels like a nice power waster designed by greedy Oolark who don't care what gets in their way.
Our reservation with this one is the sheer size of it making it difficult to navigate the swamp, even if it is flying over it most of the time. The other worldly feel of this design is great. There is a bit of a harvester aesthetic here that seems appropriate to its task.

This is my favorite. I love all the platforms, wires engines, rotors. It really shows off the functionally of the machine. The multiple views and calouts really help to figure out what things are and made it more interesting to figure out how the craft would function. They really don't care about the safety of their prisoners do they? Putting them right next to the engines like that.
Overall this shows off enough detail that I feel like it could be functional, and although it doesn't give each job a specific callout. It lets me assume that I know where they should be.

Bold and nicely presented design with great sense for detailing , although at the edge of being too much.
Love the fact it is a flying vehicle – more freedom for animations and attacks. A possible way to destroy the vehicle is to eliminate one by one his four propellers.
The central piece – the rotatable barrel with cells for the Shyala is a nice touch with clever mechanics, sort of a gun barrel. However I think this part would suit better the purpose of being a central power block , with the cells actually being Glitzer bug batteries than to hold Shyala.
The spotter strategically situated at the top of the vehicle and especially the design of his own platform with the spotlight are very cool. Looks like the whole platform can rotate on its axis and gives a 360 degree view so the spotter can’t miss the prey. Clever!
A bit too big and bloated for a small squad. This could make it hard to maneuver through the swamp.
Although the design looks pretty appealing and detailed, the complex silhouette shape and the many details in the design makes it hard to read as there is quite a bit of visual noise.
Silhouette and shape language seems more suited to a worker's type of vehicle or transportation vehicle than the predator/hunting look. Looks more like a part of an architectural/machinery thing than a vehicle.
Very strong design and being a flying vehicle is a bold choice. The level of detailing is fascinating and very well done in places ie. the central block. The whole vehicle looks functional and it is clear that the designer thought of it in great detail – rotor control, platforms and ladders for the crew members to actually get in and out from the vehicle . However I think the design looks a bit more advanced and slickfor the adhoc feel of other Oolark tech. The scale of the whole vehicle makes it look like it is potentially slow and cumbersome. The best design of all flying entries, but maybe more suitable for a boss vehicle with bigger crew than a Quagflier in my opinion.

Ah the factory. As a mobile processing plant this concept has an ‘I will eat you up and spit you out packages’ look. With eye splintering detail this concept looks like it will mow down and instantly process anything that is unlucky enough to venture beneath it. The design has a nice mix of utilitarian features to anchor it to vehicle design and enough craziness to link it to the nutty villains of the planet. I think the only thing that would improve the concept is an impression of increased mobility. Great design!


We liked this as it introduced a unique propulsion device which really hammered home the idea that the Oolark would have no qualms about tearing up the swamp in pursuit of their prey. We're not sure exactly how the steering would work on this but it looks like the artist has done some research in the thread that points toward this being a possibility. The propulsion design alludes to a sound and visual spectacle that could be quite terrifying. We can imagine a whirring or screaming sound reminiscent of the WW2 V2 rockets.

Great silhouette , very aggressive look, reminds me of a dragster (and also brings nostalgia from great old games such as grim fandango, remember the bone wagon ? )
The whole vehicle looks very powerful and capable of pushing through the swamp and overcoming every obstacle in its way. All this matches the description very well.
The front drills and steering mechanics are a big and bold statement – the vehicle is separated in two parts , front and cargo with a pivot point in the middle and the drills could move from the side to being at the bottom of the vehicle when it is in the water – very clever touch ! These are the sort of mechanics that makes a vehicle less static and adds interest and room for animations…and for lots of particles from dust and ground to water splashes
Shyala cage is big and noticeable, you can recognize it immediately at first glance.
Maybe just a bit too scaled up compared to the Oolark. I think if it is a bit more compact would be nicer.
The places for the crew members – front seat for the driver, the harpoon and the spotlight, etc – look a bit like glued up to the vehicle instead of logical pieces and a coherent design.
Very strong entry that matches well the description and combines good silhouette with some clever mechanics and possible animations. I agree that adding sound and particles would turn it into something great! From one side the lack of tertiary details and forms doesn't help the design get full attention, but from the other – being not too cluttered with things make it possible for clear first read and plenty of room for customizations, sprayed logos, etc.
An idea - Consider making the front and cargo parts of the vehicle act like separate modules. Such modules could be added to the vehicle in two ways. First by adding more cargo modules behind and the front part would carry them all sort of like a train…train in the swamps full with prisoners. Second adding an additional front part resulting in more power and…more drills ! How cool is that?
This could serve just as a way to make more variations of the vehicle , different squads having different customized vehicles or as a gameplay mechanics too – if it is a train composition, shooting the cargo wagons one by one starting from the last one will free the Shyala from the cages and will destroy the wagons. The player beats the vehicle when he get rid of all the wagons. Like the water caterpillars in Rayman Origins or the “Serapede” from Gears of War.

Munchy wheels is a real Mad Max appliance. I love the drag racer look. The design is nasty and it looks fast. The execution is busy enough to be entertaining and at the same time simple enough to make a strong impression. The only improvement may be texturing or lighting to bring out more of those great features. Super work!


We like the 'clagged together' look of this one and the fact that it has the feel of something that could traverse swampy ground... the over inflated tires are an interesting touch. It feels like the Oolarks on the seats that are hanging down would have a pretty rough time of it but the rest feels pretty solid.
This design has a feel of the 'joyride'. For the Oolark this is still a work vehicle, but wild and fun.

I like that this design doesn't go for the obvious aggressive design choices and uses a lot of rounded and circular shapes but is still able to feel very home made.
I love the little cages hanging off the back, but I'm not really sure what everything in this design does. I would like to see either some callouts explaining where the engines are and where the driver will sit. I think it's also missed a great opportunity to make use of the light from the Glitzers.

Unique look, like that you didn’t play it safe and choose to go with something very bold.
Looks fast and able to track down prey on land. Not sure how it will perform in swamps and if it will be stable in places where the water is deep.
Central piece where the Shyala are held and the inflated tires are a nice touch.
Silhouette and primary forms doesn’t quite feel menacing. The overall silhouette will work best for one person vehicle and in much smaller scale.
A bit more static design for my taste – hard to imagine what else it can do other than driving forwards and turning the spotlight in different directions. Would love to see more possibilities for secondary animations.
Bold and risky vehicle design that looks fast and fun. I’m imagining it working well in drier environments like deserts and at a smaller scale, maybe meant to be personal vehicles travelling in packs and chasing their prey, surrounding it, etc.

Three wheeler from hell reflects balloon like madness. A particularly nasty bit of work, the design has a nice biker bastard look. Underneath all the confusion and insanity there lies a structure. A nice feature is that this looks big without the need for extra props to aid scale and yet it retains a certain nimble quality. The only comment I would have is to perhaps tighten the details a little as the base form is very good and doesn't need so much fracture. Nice job this.


We liked the idea of a hovercraft, as it feels a bit more real than a flying vehicle. This one feels like it may possibly be a bit slick for the existing concepts and character designs but we do like the overall design. Definitely worthy of the top 5. This design could make one think of a Vietnam war gunboat crew (Apocalypse Now) A brazen and cocksure journey through the swamplands.

As a place that looks like you could live on for a few days while out on a hunt. I think this one excels. I love the spacious barge feeling you've got going here with a lot of room for cargo. The front Glitzer engine is also really cool.
However, I think it's lacking some of the things that would be needed for a hunt. If the light on of the things that stops these animals in their tracks. I think the light needs to be able to move more than 140 degrees. And once you've got them stunned, your ship doesn't have much of a way to trap/capture them. If those elements were added to this, it could be my favorite idea.

Very informative concept art from modeler’s point of view. Everything is well defined resulting in a clear visual message that the modeler can resemble in 3d without problems. So for teamwork and communication he gets an “A”
Cloth and flags are a nice touch. Great way to show different crew’s logos and customize the vehicles.
Has the feel of a military vehicle and looks believable although it couldn’t hurt to exaggerate the silhouette a bit more and turn it into something more menacing.
Could not understand if the interior is exposed all the time or the wall of the vehicle is removed just for presentation purposes.
Looks a bit towards the techy sci-fi and loses the ad hoc sort of feel. Possibly a bit too slick for the Oolarks' use in my opinion.
Good design that does match the description fairly well although I’m not sure if that stays the same with the already established look and feel of the Oolark. Very well done and informative, any 3d modeler will appreciate the clear concept.

Ah earth mover! Utilitarian yellow and a contractors dream. With this design you know who to call if you need the job done on a massive scale. The organic front area acts as a good contrast to the otherwise hard mechanical end body. The tent on the comm area helps break up the design to add a bit more madness to the concept. The only improvement might be a bit more organics and speed. Super stuff!
Come and join the fight against The Infinite Sadness.

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